About us

ecop is a technology company that manufactures rotation heat pumps for industrial use, which use innovative technology with multiple patents. With it, ecop helps companies to recover energy, protect the environment and save costs.
ecop has sites in Vienna and Neuhofen an der Krems. The development centre equipped with the latest technologies is located in Vienna; production will be set up in Upper Austria.
ecop has won a number of awards including the Mercur Innovation Price `16 in the category “Green Economy”, the Daphne Environmental Technologie Price in Gold, the VIE Energy Globe 2010, the EDISON Awards 2012  and was ranked at the 6th place in the “GEWINN” magazine in 2013.



Bernhard Adler
Bernhard AdlerManaging Director
Bernhard Adler is co-founder and Managing Director of ecop. He graduated from a secondary technical school for mechanical engineering and studied mechatronics in Linz and later mechanical engineering in Vienna. Even before graduating, he founded ecop and concentrated as of that time on the company development. He is the inventor of the ecop technology and has written many publications on the topic of industrial, high-temperature and rotation heat pumps. Bernhard Adler is married, has two sons and lives near to Vienna.
Franz Rindler, EMBA
Franz Rindler, EMBASales Manager
After studying at the secondary technical school for power engineering and power electronics and several management positions in industrial automation, energy management and consulting, he completed an Executive MBA in Krems with specialisation in strategy, international relations and management. He is responsible for business development and sales at ecop. He is married and has two children.
EmployeesDevelopment Team
There are currently around 14 employees in development at ecop. It is a team of technical specialists from various fields. Together, they cover the necessary detailed knowledge from different disciplines. This includes mechanical engineering, electronics and electrical engineering, energy management, simulation know-how (e.g. CFD) but also mechanics and production knowledge.


Network & Cooperation Partners

ecop is closely networked with important innovation and research funding institutions in Austria such as the Technical University of Vienna, the Business Agency of the City of Vienna and the Austrian Research Funding Society. Several research and development projects were carried out in the past few years. We also work with numerous industrial partners, for example Scheuch and Ygnis. In July 2018 ecop has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 SME instrument phase 2 programme.







The network is enhanced with institutional investors such are the venture capital fund FSP Ventures, the Upper Austrian High-Tech Fund as well as business angels such as, for example, Prof Michael Mirow and Friedrich Papst.


Advisory Board

Mag. Horst Gaisbauer
Mag. Horst Gaisbauer
Mag. Horst Gaisbauer has held various positions in the areas of M&A, corporate finance, mezzanine capital and venture for more than 10 years. As an employee of the Upper Austrian incubator tech2b, he has been the responsible investment manager for the Upper Austrian high-tech fund since 2011. Horst Gaisbauer graduated with a degree from Vienna University of Economics and Business and has extensive knowledge and experience in corporate finance and early phase financing.
Prof. Dr. Michael Mirow
Prof. Dr. Michael Mirow
Prof Michael Mirow has taught strategic management at the Berlin University of Technology as well as at the University of Innsbruck as an honorary professor since 2000. He works as an advisor, coach, supervisory board member and advisory board member with young technology companies.  He was a member of the Supervisory Board of Siemens AG (Germany) up to 2008, where he was responsible for the global corporate strategy of the Siemens Group up to 2002. He is has a degree in industrial engineering (Darmstadt University of Technology) and a doctorate from Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Prof Mirow was born and grew up in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil.
DI Friedrich Papst
DI Friedrich Papst
Friedrich Papst worked as a member of the Executive Board of the machine and plant building company Andritz AG up until 2015, where he was responsible for the HYDRO and METALS divisions as well as the Purchasing, Production and Quality Control departments. He was also decisively involved in the founding and establishment of Chinese subsidiaries and managed the Supervisory Board for ANDRITZ CHINA for around 10 years. Friedrich Papst now works as a consultant and in the supervisory boards of ANDRITZ HYDRO GmbH and Schuler AG and in advisory boards of young technology companies. He graduated from Graz University of Technology where he studied mechanical engineering and economics.
Dr. Ernst Ungersbäck
Dr. Ernst Ungersbäck
Dr Ernst Ungersbäck has worked for more than 15 years in the areas of venture capital and private equity, accounting and financing. The stages in his career have taken him, for example, to Ernst & Young, Capexit Beteiligungsmanagement AG and Erste Group Bank AG. Ernst Ungersbäck has a doctorate from Vienna University of Economics and Business and has extensive experience in analysis, structuring and execution of private equity / venture capital transactions.