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ecop is a clean-tech company

We accelerate the heat transition and contribute to achieving the climate targets


ecop is a clean-tech company that makes a significant contribution to the heat transition.

We help industrial companies and heat manufacturers achieve climate targets, operate sustainably and save costs. We do this by enabling them to produce efficient, CO2-free, sustainable industrial heat and make them less dependent on fossil fuels. To do this, we use pioneering and future-proof technology.

Currently, heat generation accounts for


of energy consumption in industrial companies.


of this is generated by fossil fuels. Decarbonization of heat processes in industry is essential for economic and eco- logical reasons.

Source: Global Heat Demand in Industry. Solar Payback. Based on IEA statistics and calculations from IRENA. Graphical editing by ecop.

Our product is a revolutionary large heat pump for industry, which creates completely new fields of application for recycling waste heat.

We have locations in Vienna and in Neuhofen an der Krems. The development center, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, is located in Vienna, while production takes place in Upper Austria.

Our employees, our network, our partners and investors are a valuable resource for us to pursue this goal.

According to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we contribute to the following goals:


ecop and our technology have been awarded a number of prizes:

TRIGOS Award: Winner category climate protection (2023)
European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Awards – Winner Innovators Award (2022)
The Business Booster Conference Lissaboa: 3rd place in pitching contest (2022)
Innovation Award of the World Society of Sustainable Energy Technologies (WSSET) (2022)
Mission Innovation Austria: Gold in the category “Tech Solutions” (2022)
European Environment Award of the European Commission (Winner The Process Award) (2018)
State Award for Environmental Technology (2018/19)
“Winners by Passion” of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (2017 and 2018)
Innovation Award of Upper Austria (2nd place)
ÖGUT Environmental Award (2017)
Mercur Innovation Award in the category “Green Economy” (2016)
Daphne Environmental Technology Award in Gold (2016)
EDISON Award (2012)
VIE Energy Globe (2010)


Fabian Sacharowitz

Fabian Sacharowitz


Background: Investment Director at InnoEnergy; Entrepreneurial Background; Strategy Consulting.

E: fabian.sacharowitz@ecop.at

Bernhard Adler

Bernhard Adler

CTO & Founder

Bernhard is co-founder and Managing Director of ecop. After an HTL for mechanical engineering he studied mechanical engineering and mechatronics. Even before graduating, he founded ecop and concentrated as of that time on the company development. He is the inventor of the ecop technology and has written many publications on the topic of industrial, high-temperature and rotation heat pumps. Bernhard is married, has two sons, a daughter and lives near to Vienna.

E: bernhard.adler@ecop.at

Christian Rakusch

Christian Rakusch

Head of Engineering

Christian is head of mechanical development at the Vienna location. He studied mechanical engineering with specialization in power engineering and production engineering. After various positions in metrology and at the university, he headed hydroelectric power projects in an international industrial company for several years, where he served as group leader for high-pressure turbines and as innovation manager. He is married, has one child and lives near Vienna.

E: christian.rakusch@ecop.at

Gerald Zotter

Gerald Zotter

Head of Product Management

Gerald is head of product management at ecop. He has more than 13 years of experience in developing heat pumps for various applications (domestic, industrial and automotive). He studied mechanical engineering at the TU Graz. He held various positions at AVL List GmbH, including Senior Global Product Manager. He has also been teaching at various Austrian universities of applied sciences for around 12 years and is a reviewer for the International Journal of Refrigeration.

E: gerald.zotter@ecop.at

Currently, around 20 employees work at ecop. It is a dedicated, mixed team of young and experienced employees consisting of technical specialists, process and production experts, sales and marketing, finance and IT. They are united by the joy of bringing a completely new technology to the market and thereby making a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Network and cooperation Partners

Networking and partnerships are important to us. Great goals require joint efforts. We are happy to be in close exchange with research partners, funding bodies, associations and clusters, industry partners and investors.

Funding agencies

Research institutions and associations

Industry and distribution partners

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DI Friedrich Papst

DI Friedrich Papst

Business Angel, until 2015 COO of mechanical engineering company Andritz AG, 10 years Supervisory Board Andritz China.
Johannes Krahwinkler

Johannes Krahwinkler

Managing Director of FSP Ventures.

Rainer Gehrung

Rainer Gehrung

Interims Manager, Senior Advisor and Investor in several companies.

Axel Dickenbrok (Observer seat)

Axel Dickenbrok (Observer seat)

Investment Director at EIT InnoEnergy.

Lukas Stühlinger (Observer seat)

Lukas Stühlinger (Observer seat)

Shareholder / Experienced in financing of high CAPEX RES investments.

Hans Poser (Observer seat)

Hans Poser (Observer seat)

Managing director of FinAdvice (sales partner and fundraising advisor).