On the 22nd of June 2016, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, invited to this event and about 170 participants joined it.
Bernhard Adler, Managing Director of ecop Technologies, presented potentials, efficiency and system solutions for Power-to-Heat (P2H-Pot). During the project, ecop analyses the application possibilities, in connection with district heating systems, with the rotation heat pump, in future scenarios.
The ROTATION HEAT PUMP implements a thermodynamic cycle that is based on a Joule process. With technology that is backed by several patents, the centrifugal force is used to achieve the highest efficiency and maximum flexibility.
It also offers unique cost advantages, a high efficiency (high COP – Coefficient of Performance), longer maturities due to the flexibility, low acquisition costs and low operating and maintenance costs.

The general page of future reference, as well as the presentation materials, can be found here:

The video of the presentation can be found here:
Presentation Bernhard Adler