ROTATION HEAT PUMP with innovative technology and multiple patents for industrial use

Recover energy, protect the environment and save costs

ROTATION HEAT PUMP K7 – Innovative technology with maximum flexibility

70% higher performance figures than for conventional heat pumps

Higher achievable temperatures and high cost-effectiveness

Rotation Heat Pumps

for industrial use


Conventional heat pumps do not reach high temperatures permanently, cannot deal with fluctuating sources and sinks, and achieve a low heat rise. The ROTATION HEAT PUMP can do all of this – and much more.


Our product provides unique cost advantages through the high efficiency (high COP), longer runtimes due to the flexibility, favourable initial investment and low operating and maintenance costs.


The ROTATION HEAT PUMP implements a thermodynamic cycle that is based on a Joule process. With technology that is backed by several patents, the centrifugal force is used to achieve the highest efficiency and maximum flexibility.



100% green high tech: nontoxic, non-flammable working-fluid with zero global warming potential

High temperature: output up to +150° Celsius

Unseen Flexibility: flexible input and output temperature without engineering

Superior technology: disruptive rotation technology (61 patents) allows up to 100% more efficiency

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Michael Mirow

Dr. Ernst Ungersbäck

Friedrich Papst

Mag. Lukas Stühlinger

MMag. Thomas Meneder


Project in district heating

Project in district heating

A Rotation Heat Pump from ecop has been in use at Bioenergie Bucklige Welt since 2020. Bioenergie Bucklige Welt operates a biomass power plant for the generation of heat and electricity. The integration of the Rotation Heat Pump K7 enables in this integration the use...

ecop receives MIA award

ecop receives MIA award

Klaus Pseiner (Managing Director FFG) and Theresia Vogel (Managing Director Climate and Energy Fund) awarded also on behalf of Leonore Gewessler, Federal Minister for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (exactly our topics 😀),...

Sponsored evaluation of integration scenarios

Sponsored evaluation of integration scenarios

Lukas Stühlinger (CFO) and Bernhard Adler (CEO) in front of the running plant.ecop was awarded an EU grant for the project "REHEAT" - the further development of the Rotation Heat Pump. Together with our partners EGS-plan, RM-LH and centrica business solutions, the...