A Rotation Heat Pump from ecop has been in use at Bioenergie Bucklige Welt since 2020. Bioenergie Bucklige Welt operates a biomass power plant for the generation of heat and electricity.

The integration of the Rotation Heat Pump K7 enables in this integration the use of the condenser cooling, which is necessary for the electricity generation. This was previously given off as waste heat to the environment. Now it is fed into the district heating network via the heat pump. This results in a lower consumption of wood chips, which reduces CO2 emissions.

Since the ecop Rotation Heat Pump can be controlled flexibly, it is operated with different basic conditions in summer and winter. In summer, both source and sink have a higher temperature than in winter. The efficiency is almost identical and is constantly at a COP of four to five, as confirmed by an independent evaluation by Fraunhofer.

More information about this application can be found here.