On November 29, the Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) awarded the ÖGUT Environmental Award to the best sustainability projects and outstanding personalities for the 32nd time. Invited was in the dome hall of the Technology University of Vienna, with more than 300 guests who came.

Awards were given in five categories. Out of 78 submissions, an independent jury of experts from business, administration and the environment was selected. The ROTATION HEAT PUMP won in the category “get active – forward-looking production processes”. It is looking for projects and companies that are actively working on improving the use of materials in production, finding and/or already found solutions for the production of tomorrow. This can be done for example by the increased use of sustainable materials or a reduction of the primary material use.

Photo: f.l.t.r.: Monika Auer, Marie Wagner (Coca Cola), Ing. Bernhard Adler (Manager, ecop Technologies GmbH), Dr. Rene Alfons Haiden (ÖGUT President), Georg Kaltenbaek (Electronic Engineer, ecop Technologies GmbH), DI Andreas Längauer (Simulations Engineer, ecop Technologies GmbH), DI Rainer Mauthner (Qualitymanagement, ecop Technologies GmbH). (c) Katharina Schiffl