Lukas Stühlinger (CFO) and Bernhard Adler (CEO) in front of the running plant.

ecop was awarded an EU grant for the project “REHEAT” – the further development of the Rotation Heat Pump. Together with our partners EGS-plan, RM-LH and centrica business solutions, the development and evaluation of showcases for use in industrial applications is also being funded. In these, the special advantages of our technology shall be made visible and comprehensible. The goal is to show the possibilities for implementation in different industries.

The Rotation Heat Pump is basically a standard product that does not have to be adapted for every application, but can be flexibly controlled depending on the integration case. This means that the system is suitable for different framework conditions and integrations. In the course of this project, there is now the possibility of testing and evaluating a concrete integration scenario in interested companies, with funding and scientific support.

We are therefore looking for companies for which the use of our industrial heat pump is interesting and who are looking for a detailed examination of their concrete integration scenario. Please let us know your interest via our inquiry form and we will be happy to contact you.