ecop Technologies secures support from Europe’s largest cleantech investor EIT InnoEnergy for market launch of its novel industrial heat pumps.

In the course of the partnership with EIT InnoEnergy, ecop receives 3.9 million euros and structured access to its international network. ecop intends to use this in particular to set up series production for its Rotation Heat Pump and to implement projects in emission-intensive sectors. ecop plans to gradually enter all major European markets in the period up to 2025.

Bernhard Adler, founder and CEO of ecop Technologies, comments, “Generating process heat for use in complex industrial manufacturing processes is not only a real ‘climate killer’, but the costs are also getting out of hand for companies. Added to this is the concern about an imminent halt in the supply of natural gas from Russia. All this is leading more and more companies to look for alternatives to fossil fuels. Our industrial high-temperature heat pump is just that – a better alternative. That’s because it’s optimized to convert industrial waste heat into high-temperature process heat in a climate-neutral and cost-saving way, as required in many of the most energy-intensive manufacturing processes. This gives us a unique selling point in the market. We are all the more pleased to have won one of the world’s leading cleantech investors, EIT InnoEnergy, to support us in our broad-based market entry.”

Christian Müller, CEO EIT InnoEnergy Germany, says: “Industry is the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases. If we rightly ask ourselves in these uncertain times how we can get away from fossil fuels, especially from Russia, as quickly as possible, decarbonizing industrial process heat is a very important part of the answer. ecop’s innovation pushes into areas that were previously unattainable for heat pumps in industrial use. This makes the Rotation Heat Pump the ideal solution for a whole range of the most demanding, CO2-intensive and expensive manufacturing processes. This results in a huge market potential for ecop in Europe alone.”

According to current estimates, the European market for the recovery and use of industrial waste heat in the temperature range between 100°C and 150°C amounts to more than 11 billion euros by 2030, and there is also significant potential in the area of district heating, with a good 9 billion euros by 2030.

EIT InnoEnergy is one of the leading innovation drivers for the energy transition. By bringing together breakthrough technologies and the necessary competencies, EIT InnoEnergy is making an important contribution to the implementation of the European Green Deal and the achievement of Europe’s decarbonization targets.
Recognized in 2020 as the most globally active energy investor and one of the largest investors in climate-friendly technologies (Climate Tech) and renewable energy technologies, EIT InnoEnergy supports innovation in a wide range of areas – including energy storage, transportation and mobility, renewable energy, and sustainable buildings and cities. In doing so, it can draw on a unique “ecosystem” of over 500 partners and 29 shareholders.
EIT InnoEnergy was founded in 2010 and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). It has offices throughout Europe and in Boston/USA.

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